sâmbătă, 5 martie 2011

It's not like you care or something..

Anyways, I'm sorry and trust me I don't say this very often. I know I overreact sometimes, but I'm also right. Try to be me for a while, and you'll see. Don't judge, don't talk shit `bout me, don't be an ass. Say what you want to say, I can face the truth :) Ofcourse I'm not that 'beautiful', stupid, hot, skinny bitch, I'm me, again and again and again. Can't handle that? 3 words, 8 letters: GO TO HELL !

2 comentarii:

  1. Ooooo primu tau post in engleza ce sa zic not bad not bad at all you are very dura :X:)):*

  2. ai puncte bonus k ai scris in engleza, da sa vezi ce`o sa`ti auzi :))